From the first painting to the Selfic Cabin

There are many, many people around the world who have acquired works of Selfic painting. The experience of meditation and contact with even a single painting can be very deep and meaningful.

If you would like to amplify the potential of communication with oneself through the particular energies conveyed by the paintings, it is advisable to acquire more paintings, because the Selfic paintings integrate with each other, creating an effect of correspondence in a space that is proportional to their size.

In addition to keen collectors, many people around the world who work in the areas of health, meditation and holistic disciplines use Selfic paintings in the spaces where they practice.

An effect of maximum amplification of the paintings' functions can be obtained within a Selfic Cabin, that is, a structure created by the integration of thirty-three paintings from different periods, with different themes and sizes, along with a spheroself.

A Selfic Cabin is a space of great complexity, in which the vibration of each molecule is oriented to create a constructive interference with the human energy field, entering into relation with it through the "microlines," i.e. the energy lines of the body, which have thirty-three major access points.

A Selfic Cabin is a true Portal to higher energies and intelligences, a space of amplification for therapeutic effects, and an ideal place for working on perceptions, dreams, and contact with the innermost aspects of oneself.

The Selfic Cabin in California

In a private home in Scotts Valley, located in the mountains behind Santa Cruz, California, paintings have been collected over the years in a sufficient number and variety to make them suitable for constructing a Cabin, which works in interaction with a spheroself.

cabina selfica

Since its opening in late May of 2011, this project has a strong characterization related to interaction with the land, especially with the centuries-old trees found around the house that hosts the Cabin. These trees have become an integral part of the structure.

Thanks to the presence of a planchette-painting that can provide guidance expressed in language, this Cabin is becoming the heart of a community that meets regularly for meditation and research. The Cabin, in fact, is used as a space of amplification for healing, with Selfic instruments like the stiloself, and massage and energy therapies.

This experimentation has come about from a collaboration with friends of Damanhur and Wisdom University in San Francisco, for the Department of Damanhurian studies, for which Falco is the Chair. In this context, experiences with the Cabin will soon be integrated into the curriculum, and the space will be available for courses and meditations guided by Damanhurian instructors and others. A potential collaboration with researchers from the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is also in the making.

The Hawks Hill Cabin (Hawks Hill is the name of the place where it is located) is the continuation and exponential expansion of a first experience that took place on Maui, Hawaii in October 2010.

Future developments foresee the addition of a special Selfic rope for the creation of spirals and for the delineation of spaces within the Cabin itself.

For the extraordinary quality of the space, and the feeling of wellbeing, peace and self-expansion that people feel inside it, the Hawks Hill Cabin is often called the "Selfic Temple" by its users.

Cabins under construction

A second Cabin is in preparation as a work in progress at Mapia in the Brazilian Amazon, which is also connected to a spheroself. A third one may soon be present in Moscow, based on a series of paintings dedicated to the Selfic Tarot, which was on exhibition during the winter of 2010-2011 at the "Elena Vroubleskaya" Gallery.

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