tecnologia selfica"Selfic Painting" is a field of research that Oberto Airaudi (Falco) is very committed to exploring. This process uses intelligent energies in two-dimensional forms based on signs and colors. The Selfic Paintings are kept active through the light that shines upon them and the attention offered by viewers who observe them. The colors, forms and signs are alive, animate and in constant transformation. They project signals and information to the viewer and into the surrounding environment. Selfic Paintings have an aura that is proportional to their size.

The key to reading the painting is given by the precise combination of the title of the painting and the form. Almost all of the Selfic Paintings have characteristics which appear differently when seen in different lighting: for example, daylight, ultraviolet, etc. The diverse light frequencies correspond to the different meanings of the paintings. Many Selfic Paintings in close proximity to one another create an amplified effect with respect to a single painting, because they live in symbiosis and connect with each other.

The Selfic Paintings call upon the viewer to actively participate in the reading and interpretation of the work, through sensorial and rational experiences. They interact with the viewer, provoking dreams, bringing about new understandings and reawakening dormant potential.


blue: iron
red: copper
orange: silver
green: lead
black: used to trace figures
purple-silver: mica
white: used to insulate
yellow: gold


NIATEL s.r.l. – Galleria dei Quadri Selfici di Oberto Airaudi - P.IVA n° 10319420013
Sede Legale c/o Damanhur Crea, via Baldissero 21 – 10080 – Vidracco (TO) ITALY
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