calicistrumenti4Until July 3rd 2012, Niatel -. the Gallery of Selfic Paintings – will host an extraordinary exhibition of Damanhur's Magical Instruments. This exhibition is open to the public and curated by Damanhur’s Way of the Oracle, in collaboration with Niatel.

Contacting the magical instruments is an opportunity to connect with a millennia-long journey of discovery. The instruments invite us to approach them, not only through the mind, but through all the physical and subtle senses. 

The presence of these magical instruments and their interaction with the Selfic paintings by Falco (Oberto Airaudi) creates an extraordinary positive energy field that can help awaken memories and achieve a deeper awareness of oneself, one’s soul and one’s Mission..

SELFIC PAINTING, pictures for meditation

ReNudo 01More than an element of spiritual growth, art at Damanhur is a multimedia pillar in the life of its citizens. The outdoor walls of Damanhurian houses, when the architectural features allow for it, serve as canvases for paintings: large nature scenes with enormous flowers and insects can be seen in the area called Damjl. (There are patches intentionally left "open," where you can glimpse evidence of previous decorations). A naval battle from ancient times is represented at Milte, near a small, artificial body of water, where a detail of this scene is reproduced in young stone. The unusual vision of a peninsula, that really reminds one of the Peninsula seen in the opposite perspective on the walls of Porta del Sole.
In the midst of all this, glazed ceramic statues, columns, terra-cotta statues and other creations of various techniques, placed along the inner walkways and wherever there is space.

MOSCOW 2011 - It’s all in the cards
(Oberto Airaudi - personal exhibition)

catalogo Tarots Mosca web

Tarots. Alchemy of Damanhur
Through to Feb. 12 

Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery, 19 Rozhdestvensky Bulvar, 621 3586, m. Stretensky Bulvar
Free admission

«In the heart of bustling Moscow there’s an island of peace and harmony at the Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery, which is hosting an exhibition called “Tarot. Alchemy of Damanhur”.
The name refers to the Damanhur Federation, an eco-friendly community located in northern Italy with almost a thousand members living in its Damanhur village, as well as some more followers around the world. It is described as an organisation striving for harmony, sustainable development, equality and respect for all the people.
With a stated mission to promote peaceful community living, the founders and ideologists of Damanhur visited hectic Moscow in November. Their main mission, however, was not winning new followers, but teaching about the unique art and culture of Damanhur. Knowing that the main message of Damanhur is eco-friendliness, peace and equitable development through volunteering, respect for the nature, social and political engagements, it’s not surprising that the main mood of the exhibition is optimistic and bright yet calm and peaceful.

NIATEL s.r.l. – Galleria dei Quadri Selfici di Oberto Airaudi - P.IVA n° 10319420013
Sede Legale c/o Damanhur Crea, via Baldissero 21 – 10080 – Vidracco (TO) ITALY
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