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Falco - Oberto Airaudi

Oberto Airaudi was born in Balangero, Italy on May 29th, 1950. Since his early adolescence, he began experimenting with translating his enormous wealth of memories into the substance of forms, as he had discovered with trepidation to be the custodian of such memories, while not yet being fully aware. His need was a genuine one; it is a need that characterizes artists who are authentic message-bearers.
So, with a sense of urgency and the emotional tension of those who believe they have a duty and a destiny, he initially dedicated himself to poetry more than anything, coming to write this:
"Maybe I am moving too quickly. I feel the need. I feel in a hurry to write poetry and literature. I'm afraid of not making enough. Who knows, maybe because I might not live for very long?"
At that time, he wasn't even 16 years old, yet he had already written a large amount of verses in his notebooks.
In 1967, with "Poems From When I Was Sixteen" (Appiano & Co. publishing, Turin), he won the City of Turin Poetry Prize.
With the wave of attention aroused by this brilliant debut, the following year he published, "Chronicle of My Suicide" (CEI publishing, Turin). The cover of the book features the reproduction of a painting done by Falco (which has unfortunately been lost). It is a small, casual painting in blue, green and white, dating back to 1966.
In 1968, he painted his first "Selfic painting," which is how he would later define his painting. This new means of expression fascinated him so much as to devote all his attention as an artist, communicator, writer, creative researcher, as well as a witness and bearer of ancient knowledge.
From those two years, we only know of a few small and rare paintings, because Falco immediately encountered some difficulties in technical feasibility. In fact, his works are not only works of art, but true living works of alchemy. For this reason, they require ingredients that were to mature within him only later on in life.
Falco did not paint for about 15 years (i.e. until 1983), waiting to realize suitable instruments in order to develop the energetic properties of metals within the colors, transforming them with the science of Selfica, which was necessary to make his paintings active and vital.
In 1983, we witnessed the beginning of a very generous and lively period of artistic production, with multifaceted creative results regarding the themes that were covered, the materials used and the titles produced.
And as it was for Falco's poetry, attention and success arrived immediately with a June 1985 exhibition at the prestigious La Bussola Gallery in Turin, Italy, which came about thanks to the direct involvement of Eraldo Tempia Valenta with gallery owner Giuseppe Bertasso.
The citizens of Damanhur - with whom Falco had shared years of experience in philosophical exploration and community life - were not the only ones who admired this kind of work. People from very different origins and cultural backgrounds throughout the world became increasingly interested and fascinated by the Selfic paintings.
From the public, there was a growing demand for the regular availability of contact with these works. From 1992, different spaces have been reserved in Damanhur for a permanent exhibition of Selfic paintings, beginning with the Rama Gallery, which served this purpose for many years.
In September 2004, a new gallery was inaugurated with the exhibition "A Sign of the Times", held in the most suitable space of Damanhur Crea - a former Olivetti establishment in Vidracco, Italy. This gallery has since housed a permanent exhibition of Falco's works. In 2010, the gallery took on the name Niatel Gallery.
Niatel is visited by artists and celebrities, researchers and enthusiasts, mediums and curious observers, attracted by the originality of this cascade of signs, symbols, colors and knowledge that has not stopped with the death of its founder in June 2013, but continues today with students whom Falco himself prepared.

NIATEL s.r.l. – Galleria dei Quadri Selfici di Oberto Airaudi - P.IVA n° 10319420013
Sede Legale c/o Damanhur Crea, via Baldissero 21 – 10080 – Vidracco (TO) ITALY
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